My Research Articles can also be seen in two Facebook - Web Sites.

Thread started by virarajendra on 21st February 2019 10:29 PM

My (R.Sri Hari alias Virarajendra) Research Articles on Tamil - History, Archaeology, Epigraphy, Language, Literature, Music, Dance, Temple Architecture and Sculpture, Paintings and other Fine Arts, Saivaism, Vainavam, Vedism, Samanam, Construction Technology, Medical Sciences, Astronomy and Astrology, and on Tamil Social Studies all of Tamil Nadu can also be seen in two "Facebook Websites" in addition to this Website the "Mayyam Hub", namely the Webpages under "Sri Hari R" and under "R.Sri Hari" fully completed and some partly completed, but most of them with the relevent Evidences and the Sources of Evidences Insert the relevent Webpahe name in your Search Engine slot and press Search


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