A love letter to banned books

Thread started by raagadevan on 14th August 2016 01:53 PM

A love letter to banned books

"Last year, at the American university where I teach, I designed and taught an upper-division literature course titled ‘Banned Books from Around the World’. As the name suggests, for the duration of the semester, my students and I read and picked apart books deemed “dangerous” by various governments and the handful of people who insist they know what’s right for the rest of the population."

"Over the rest of the semester, as my students and I made our way through the syllabus, we chased several questions. In spite of our different nationalities and races, our discussions didn’t shy away from prejudices rising out of race, religion or other markers of identity. By the end of the semester, we hadn’t changed the world. All we had done was merely read, ask questions, disagree, research, and listen. I want to believe that was a good start."



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